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Things worth knowing about writing, editing and finding your voice

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Whether you want to hone your skills, learn the classics of writing & editing or simply yearn for a writers group that is as supportive as it is fun…
Some rules to live by, plus a very exciting announcement for writers
The Science of StorytellingWatch now (52 min) | A masterclass in how to tell YOUR story better- with Will Storr, the best-selling author behind The Science of Storytelling
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How to make a full-time living from SubstackWatch now (61 min) | Nicola Lamb was a relatively unknown pastry chef when she started writing on Substack. Eighteen months later, it's her full-time…
Confessions of a celebrity writer...Watch now (60 min) | Author and Vanity Fair scribe, Kevin Sessums, gives a masterclass in how to write compelling memoir, the trick to interviewing…
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